Saturday, 22 September 2012

David Bailey - 1960s photography

It's the sixties, yeah? So, allowing for whatever sex/gender/sexual orientation you might be, here's a question for you:

Who do you want to be (with)? Jagger? Hendrix? A Beatle? James Bond?  Or maybe, then again, how about this guy?


Jean Shrimpton - "the Shrimp"
David Royston Bailey - born 2nd January 1938, in London's East End (ie the rough bit).  With Jean Shrimpton as his model, Bailey almost single-handedly rewrote the rules for fashion photography, introducing attitude, action and novel background settings into their work together:

Bailey (along with Terence Donovan and Brian Duffy) was at the heart of capturing the image and essence of so-called 'Swinging London':
Michael Caine - 1965
Mick Jagger - 1964

Bailey's 1964 poster-print collection "Box of Pin-ups" covered subjects from The Beatles to the Krays:

The Kray brothers - notorious London gangsters.
But for most of us, men and women, it will be Bailey's gift for making his female subjects look beautiful, enigmatic, intriguing...desirable which endures.

"We were all killing ourselves to be his model" Grace Coddington (Vogue model 1960s)
Grace Coddington with Vidal Sassoon

Catherine Deneuve -- 1965
Marianne Faithful
Never, of course, forgetting, The Shrimp:

David Bailey - the 60s have never ended.

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