Friday, 2 November 2012

Best film of 1960 - horror

In the 1960s, if things were getting scary, there was no more reliable man in a crisis than Peter Cushing. And, if vampires were your problem (especially sexy vampires) who better to send for than Peter...sorry, Professor van Helsing?

The Brides of Dracula, released in 1960, is something of a Hammer Horror rarity, in that it doesn't feature Christopher Lee as the fearsome undead Count. (Depending on who you listen to, Lee fled this one in fear of typecasting...or the frighteningly low fee on offer).

In 21st century terms, the fanged-fatales Cushing faced seem a little tame, but who could resist a Dracula who "turns a girls' school into a Chamber of Horrors"?

Christopher Lee was otherwise occupied in 1960, tempting his unsuspecting female student (Venetia Stevenson) to make an ill-advised visit to Massachusetts, where she will experience the thrills and the chills of witchcraft today!

That other master of schlock horror of the sixties, Vincent Price, was under the direction of Roger Corman for a classic of the genre:
But why tremble over a mere poster...why not shiver and shake at the terrifying trailer?
The screen's "foremost delineator of the Draculean"??!!

Fans of JohnWyndham novels, might remember Village of the Damned, based on Wyndham's sci-fi horror, The Midwich Cuckoos. Let's face is, few things are as scary as evil sprogs...

And they all grew up to be Tefal scientists!

That's about it for memorable horror films in 1960...oh, almost forgot. There was this one, too...

Bath time, anybody?

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